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would like to remind you to take a look around your home or office building and offer you these home and office security tips:

Security Tips for Businesses ⇒

    • Alarm Systems and Lighting - According to a U.S. survey of those in police custody for break-ins, the best deterrent is a security system linked to a licensed monitoring company such as Parker Security Services here in Denton, TX.  We also recommend a wireless uplink as opposed to a land line.
    • Doors and Windows - Make sure all doors and windows are secured with maximum security locks as recommended by the police department and insurance industry experts.  Cheap, ineffective locks are as welcome a target as leaving a door or window wide open.
    • Smoke and Fire Safety - It is extremely important to have working smoke detectors in your home.  A working smoke detector can save your life or the life of a loved one.  Install detectors on each floor near stairways at a minimum.  Bedrooms and other rooms are good locations for smoke detectors as well.  You should check you smoke detectors every six months to make sure they are in working order and to change the battery.  Smoke detectors should be replaced every ten years.  For detectors that are wired into your home, replace with a unit that has a battery backup.  As a good measure, check with the local fire department for any other pointers.
    • Identify and Inventory Your Possessions - It is a good idea to make an inventory of all your major appliances, purchases, power tools, and electronic equipment.  Use property marking pens or an engraving tool to secretly mark your property with your name and other identifying information.  Do not keep cash at home.
    • Do a Security Survey Inside and Outside of Your Home - Contact a local alarm system company like Parker Security or the Crime Prevention office of the Police Department for valuable information.  Never leave a spare key under your door mat, gate, window, or where it is obvious to intruders.  Prune tree limbs away from your home to avoid hiding places for intruders.  Make sure all outdoor recreational property is put away and out of sight such as grills and sports equipment.
    • Know Who is at Your Door Before Opening - Install a peephole in your front door so you can easily see who is there.  Always check for identifying documentation or sales permits from the city.  If your neighborhood has a crime watch program, join it and become involved.
    • Take Precautions Before Leaving on a Trip or Vacation - Inform the police department when you are going to be away so they can do courtesy patrols.  Inform a trusted friend or neighbor as well so they can regularly check on your house and remove solicitations from the front door.  Arrange to have your newspaper and mail suspended while you are away.  Leave a radio on resembling a conversation taking place.  Have your neighbors park their car in your driveway.  Don't advertise on Facebook that you are on vacation.  Wait till you get back.  Never leave a message on your voice mail indicating you are out of town.
    • Safety Tips While in Your Vehicle - Park in highly visible and well lit areas.  Be alert!  Pay attention to your surrounding while walking.  Go shopping with a friend or buddy and travel in pairs.  Never leave valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle.  Always lock your car.  Take a self defense class.
    • Make it Easy for Emergency Services to Find Your Home - Check that your house number is clearly visible from the street day and night.  Any emergency service coming to your home is likely coming there for the first time.  Make it easy!
    • Other Tips and Suggestions - Change your locks when you move into a new home.  Do not leave valuables with easy view from windows.  If you can't, close the blinds or drapes when you are away.  Do not give information about your daily routine, change up your routine periodically and become random.  Lower your telephone volume so it cannot be heard outside your home.  Do not enter your home if it appears it has been broken into, call the police department.

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