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would like to remind you to take a look around your home or office building and offer you these home and office security tips:

Security Tips for your Home ⇒

    • Parking lots and storefronts should be well lighted at night.
    • Establish staff policies requiring at least two people to open or close your business.
    • Employees should be advised to keep their cars locked at all times, and strongly encouraged to exit the building with a companion whenever possible.
    • Employees should be properly trained on cash handling and security measures.  Set policy regarding cash on hand and stick by it.
    • Your Receptionist should have a panic button for emergencies or a lock on the front door that can be controlled by the receptionist.
    • Employees should be instructed to report any broken or flickering lights, doors that won't lock, or broken windows, and not to assume someone else has already reported the problem.
    • Community service and involvement are important safeguards against crime.  Customers and neighbors who view a business as a valued resource to the community will watch out for its property and employees.
    • Do not forget about making sure you are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    • Solid wood doors are good, metal doors are better.
    • Make sure hinges are inside so they cannot be removed.
    • Use deadbolts (locks that throw a solid bolt into the door frame.)
    • Reinforce the door frame if required with a long strike place, secured with #8 screws at least 2.5" long.
    • If your door frame is very thin, consider having a custom made strike place installed.  It should be constructed of "L" steel and run from the top of the door to the bottom and secured every 6 to 8 inches.
    • Check that a hand cannot reach through mail slots and reach the door locks.  Have a child try for you, intruders use them.
    • Windows - Install bars if there is any chance of an intruder getting in.  Custom made bars cost less than you would think and are usually stronger.
    • Check that your sliding doors cannot be lifted out even with a pry bar.  If it can, add a shim to the inside top track to take up the space.
    • Fire Protection - Make sure your smoke detectors have fresh batteries and are changed every six months.  Detectors themselves should be changed every ten years.

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